Dole raps Dems, media

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Angry about Democrats' attempt to portray him as a servant of the tobacco industry, GOP presidential hopeful Bob Dole went on the attack against the media and President Clinton's party.

"I'm not in their [the tobacco industry's] pocket," said Mr. Dole in an interview on NBC's "Today" show. He further charged that TV networks are "always sticking up for the Democrats." Mr. Dole said too much is being made of both tobacco industry contributions to Republicans and his earlier statement comparing some of the questions about nicotine addiction to some of the concerns about milk.

"You know there is a mixed view among scientists and doctors whether it's addictive or not. I'm not certain whether it's addictive. ... Are we going to regulate everybody's adult life? I mean, adults ought to be free to make choices. I'm not advocating that anybody do anything except stop, S-T-O-P, and don't start if you're young..

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