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Bill Scott had a singular quirk of creating oddball W.C. Fieldsian expressions for the moose to use as expletives: "Aw, crabapples," "Oh, butter balls," "Shuckin's and cobs." And he displayed a wonderful ability to parody melodramatic conventions in vaudevillian style -- one character would discover something momentous and ask, "You mean . . ." and another character would immediately jump in on this gravid moment with, "Yes!" Sometimes the narrator floridly announced Boris as "that crumb of crumbs," or "that schlemiel's schlemiel" or even "that snake in the grass -- that perfidious scoundrel," to any of which Boris would musically yell, "Say the name!" In one of the later episodes (255), the show's comedy style, indeed the show itself, is well and truly razzed, as this self-referential exchange demonstrates:

Rocky: You know, what we need is a good hiccups doctor.

Natasha: Boris, you heard?

Boris: I heard.

Natasha: Dollink, that's your cue! You're supposed to show up disguised as hiccups doctor.

Boris: Natasha, I can't do it!

Natasha: Boris, why not?

Boris: This time they're sure to recognize me!

Natasha: They never have.

Boris: Seventy-nine disguises I used on those two -- not one did they ever see through.

Natasha: So?

Boris: The law of averages is turning against me.

Natasha: It wouldn't dare! Boris -- you're forgetting article six of "The Villain's Handbook."

Boris: Article six?

Natasha: Yes -- look here.

Boris: "There is nobody so stupid as the hero of a TV cartoon show." Well, maybe you're right -- come on.

Rocky: As I was saying, what we needBoris: (interrupting) Allow me to introducing myself.

Rocky: Who are you?

Boris: I'm the ship's medical officer.

Bullwinkle: Ship's doc?

Boris: (cringing at the pun) Of course they do!

Rocky: That voice, where have I heard that voice?

Natasha: See, dollink?

Boris: I see it but I don't believe it!

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