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Dirty Donald, the Documentary
Client: Visa
Brand: Visa Check Card
Title: "Dirty Donald"
Production Co.: Headquarters, New York
Go behind the scenes on the wind-swept roof of New York's Trump Tower as director David Cornell takes Donald Trump through his paces as an actor in a Visa TV ad. Then, follow Mr. Trump to the street, where he is prepared for his crawl into a trash Dumpster. "This is what I do for Visa," The Donald says with a shrug.

Dirty Donald, the TV Spot
Client: Visa
Brand: Visa Check Card
Title: "Trump"
Agency: BBDO, New York

The finished TV spot is as slick a promotion for Mr. Trump and his Tower as it is for Visa and its check card. And so, high above Manhattan, with hair askew but pluck intact, the art of the deal triumphs again.

Rampaging Robot
Marketer: Snapple
Brand: Snapple
Title: "Robot"
Agency: Deutsch
Snapple sends a rampaging robot in search of the 18- to 24-year-old demographic. This latest saga in the 2-year-old bottles-as-people campaign is a campy hoot that nods its head to 'King Kong' as well as Robby the Robot of 'Forbidden Planet.' But in the end Snapple bottles short-circuit the love-struck mechanical monster.

Wrong With Women
Marketer: Jack in the Box
Brand: Chicken Caesar Salad
Title: "Screwin' Up"
Agency: Secret Weapon Marketing
OK, so first you enraged your girlfriend by ogling other babes as they passed your restaurant table. Then, in an addled attempt to make up, you pointed out how her new hairdo makes her face look so nice and plump. Not to worry, the ad tells us. To win that girl back, just get her over to Jack in the Box for a crispy Caesar Salad. And make sure she doesn't have a gun in her purse.

Carpe Dealem
Marketer: Big Lots, Columbus Ohio
Brand: Big Lots
Title: "Carpe Dealem"
Agency: SBC Advertising, Columbus, Ohio
Ten seconds into this one, you can almost hear a chorus of female viewers across America sitting up straighter on their couches and yelling 'You tell 'em, girl!' at their TV screens. A great performance convinces us how important it is to 'Seize the Deal' wherever you find one in a Big Lots close-out store.

Olympic Bed
Marketer: Sealy
Brand: Sealy Mattresses
Title: "Pommel Horse"
Agency: Mullen, Winston-Salem, N.C.
In a perfect pairing of product and event, an Olympic athlete uses the foot bar of a Sealy-mattressed barracks bed as a pommel horse. He ends the routine with a back flip onto the mattress, which puts him to sleep instantly.

Butt Ugly
Marketer: Fuse Network
Brand: Fuse Network
Title: "Fuse"
Agency: In-House
This being the TV upfront season we bring you this opening portion of a long-form commercial made by Fuse Network for the media-buyers it is courting. The in-your-face, anything-goes Fuse, which features specials like 'Full Frontal Hip-Hop,' glories in the loud and the boisterous.

Marketer: AT&T
Brand: AT&T Network Services
Title: "Rain"
Agency: Y&R, New York
Using stop-action visuals that exactly state the product's function, Y&R pans us across a cityscape where everything stands still because the network is down. Then, suddenly, data cascades from the sky like refreshing rain and all moves again: AT&T network services have brought your world back to life.

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