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Jim Kobs, chairman of Kobs Gregory Passavant since 1989, had until recently the distinction of having his name on two direct marketing agency doors. He co-founded Kobs & Brady in the late '70s, which was purchased by Saatchi & Saatchi in 1986 and later changed its named to Kobs & Draft. This summer it became DraftDirect Worldwide. The following is adapted from Mr. Kobs' memo to staffers at KGP on that occasion.

A couple of weeks ago, while I was vacationing in Colorado, it was announced that Kobs & Draft was buying itself back from Saatchi/Cordiant and changing the name to DraftDirect. Having now had a little time to reflect on it, I thought I'd share with you a few random thoughts on what it's like to have your name taken off an agency door:

First of all, it wasn't a surprise. I predicted when I left they would drop my name at some point.

What took them so long? It's been almost seven years since I left. My name lasted longer than most people's careers with the agency.

Timing is everything. I tried to buy back the Chicago office before I left. But the Saatchi brothers.....said they were in the business of buying agencies, not selling them. Times can certainly change in a few years.

I suppose this means the Saatchi computers will no longer pay the expense reports that I've been turning in for the Direct Marketing Association's annual conference.

It was kind of neat while it lasted. With offices in 20 global locations, my name has been to many more countries than I have. I guess this means I won't be adding to my collection of foreign phone books.

To my knowledge, there are no current plans to take my name off the KGP doors. But since I am a tad superstitious, I just canceled another Colorado trip for next year.

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