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Dope-Smoking Dummies
Client: White House Drug Office
Brand: Anti-marijuana "Consequences" campaign
Title: "Dummies"
Agency: McCann-Erickson, New York
In making what it hoped was an anti-drug ad, the White House appears to have created a modern-day version of Reefer Madness. How long can it be before these dope-toking crash dummies end up as cult heros on posters and T-shirts in high schools across America?

Cuban Heat
Client: Dr Pepper
Brand: Dr Pepper
Title: "Paulina Rubio/Celia Cruz"
Agency: Y&R Advertising, New York
Mexican pop singer Paulina Rubio and Cuban-born "Queen of Salsa" Celia Cruz team up in a song-and-dance number on a stage set right out of 1940s Havana.

Antiwar Ad Flap
Client: Anti War Video Fund
Brand: Peace
Title: "Peace & War"
Agency: Telequist, Princeton, N.J.
After Comcast refused to air this ad during coverage of President Bush's State of the Union speech, the antiwar group alleged it had been censored. Seventy New Jersey residents were interviewed on camera for the commercial.

Alfa Weightlessness
Client: Alfa Romeo
Brand: "Beauty Is Not Enough" campaign
Title: "Weightless"
Agency: Red Cell
A sleek new Alfa Romeo cruises through a section of Italy gone weightless. People and objects in stylish offices float freely toward the ceiling. The car, however, solidly hugs the road. Its driver steps out to demonstrate that she, too, is a non-levitating creature of gravity. Get it?

Teenage Insurance
Client: Progressive Insurance
Brand: Auto Insurance
Title: "Cute Guy"
Agency: G Whiz, New York
Using an awkward moment in a high school corridor, this spot hawks auto insurance to teenager drivers.

Bowling With Cyndi Lauper
Client: Dr Pepper
Brand: Dr Pepper
Title: "Cyndi Lauper/Anastacia"
Agency: Y&R, New York
In what is essentially a music video that contains prominently displayed soda cans, Cyndi Lauper and Anastacia Newkirk rock a bowling alley.

Tiger Beer
Client: Tiger Beer
Brand: Tiger Beer
Title: "Moments"
Agency: Leo Burnett, Singapore
Moving across a broad swath of southern Asia, the camera shows us a world celebrating the Lunar New Year with Tiger Beer in hand. Here's to the year of the sheep.

Wearing It
Client: ESPN
Brand: "Without Sports" campaign
Title: "Brand/Nelly"
Agency: Wieden & Kennedy, New York
With rump bumps and arm spirals in a shoe warehouse, rappers and their colorfully-clad dancers teach us that American sport is really about the selling of clothes. The spot closes with the tagline, "Without sports, there'd be nothing to wear."

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