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World's Unluckiest Man
Marketer: Frito-Lay
Brand: Doritos
Title: "World's Unluckiest Man"
Agency: Clemenger BBDO, Sydney, Australia
Think of this Australian spot as a reality commercial so authentic it is almost painful. The star -- Croatian citizen Frano Selak -- has lived through six of the real kind of accidents that many people don't survive. It can be argued that Mr. Selak is truly the world's unluckiest man. Here, he recounts his exploits and notes that even he has a chance to win the Doritos contest that is the actual point of this ad.

Carlsberg Beer's Jewel Scam
Marketer: Carlsberg Export
Brand: Carlsberg Export
Title: "Free Toy"
Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi, London
This funny and effective exercise in 30-second storytelling involves truck drivers, a nefarious convenience store operative, fake jewels, compromised custom officials, jail cells and the joyful consumption of ill-gotten beer that's so good, Danes can't bear to let it out of their country.

Carvertainment Extravaganza
Marketer: Pontiac
Brand: GTO
Title: "The Last Ride"
Agency: Chemistri, Troy, Mich.
This is a 90-second taste of what might well be called Pontiac's carvertainment -- a 30-minute cable TV feature about stunt drivers that also showcases Pontiac cars. At the same time, the film celebrates the new movie The Last Ride, which also features a Pontiac GTO and lots of smashed glass and spectacular explosions. Think of it all as a mirrored room of product placements all going vroom, vroom, boom, boom.

Mummy Ride
Marketer: Universal Studios
Brand: Revenge of the Mummy Ride
Title: "Creep"
Agency: David & Goliath
Designed as 'The World's First Psychological Thrill Ride,' Universal Studios' new 'Revenge of the Mummy' attraction combines a new generation of computer-controlled roller coaster technology with the latest in theme park sensual surround environments. The ride's first TV ad employs beetles and spiders as large as your fist, along with cobras that navigate water pipes to slither out your bathtub faucet. Guaranteed to drive arachnophobics and ophidiophobics right up the wall.

Beach Cafe
Marketer: Coca-Cola Co.
Brand: Fanta
Title: "Beach Cafe"
Agency: Soul, London
One thing you have to say about those Brazilians is they sure know how to throw a beach party. Filmed in Rio de Janeiro, this spot features party-goers shedding their clothes and shaking their various parts for Fanta Orange, one of Coca-Cola's top-selling beverage brands around the world.

Japanese Rapper
Marketer: Fuji Xerox Co.
Brand: DocuCentre Color F450
Title: "Multi-Functional Man"
Agency: Tugboat, Tokyo
In its latest ad for the Japanese market, Tokyo-based Fuji Xerox uses a rapper to imitate the sounds of a DC 450 high-speed office printer. The end result is a visual product message with something of a universal language track. It's a little hard to make out the product specifics, though.

Fast Lane
Marketer: Nationwide Insurance
Brand: Nationwide Insurance
Title: "Pool"
Agency: Temerlin McClain, Irving, Texas
Here's a spot that any middle-aged male can ruefully cluck his tongue at. A tightly muscled stud in his late 20s preens at one end of an opulent pool while smiling at an attractive woman in a chaise lounge at the other end. He dives into the water but by the time he emerges to climb the stairs in front of the woman, he has become a balding, sagging man in his late 50s. "Life Comes At You Fast. Be Ready With Nationwide," says the tagline. The ad sells investment and retirement services.

Tony the Tiger
Marketer: Kellogg's
Brand: Frosted Flakes
Title: "Anthem"
Agency: Leo Burnett USA, Chicago
One of the world's best-known brand icons, Tony the Tiger has been hawking sugar-coated corn flakes since 1952. He's back in high profile again in this new TV spot that portrays him as a kind of pied piper of healthy urban teenagers. To the rhythm of a military training camp marching chant, the commercial asks 'Have you got what it takes to be a Tiger? Never stop earning your stripes.'

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