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Undressing for Dove
Marketer: Unilever
Brand: Dove
Title: "Song"
Agency: Ogilvy & Mather

In a turnaround of the advertising practice of having supermodels undress in a way that makes normal women feel inadequate, Dove is fielding a new crop of ads that has normal women doing the undressing to affirm their own body worth. The ads are selling Dove's new line of nourishing body lotions.

Overhead Beam Soccer
Marketer: Adidas
Brand: Adidas
Title: "Impossible Field"
Agency: 180, Amsterdam

Taking its 'Impossible Is Nothing' theme further over the edge, Adidas introduces us to a new form of soccer played on steel beams high above the ground.

Breakfast Boxing
Marketer: General Mills
Brand: General Mills
Title: "Boxing
Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi, New York

One of a series of spots cereal giant General Mills is using to promote more breakfast eating, this one takes place in a boxing ring as a young kid prepares to take on an adult champion. But it's OK, the kid's had his breakfast.

Oreo Triplets
Marketer: Kraft Foods
Brand: Oreo
Title: "Triplets
Agency: Foote Cone & Belding

Girl. Girl. Girl. Cookie. Cookie. Cookie. Everything comes in triplets in this new Oreo commercial. Lovingly sensitive, in an anti-obesity kind of way, the commercial spotlights three physically active young dancers and has an audio track of ballet music. Healthy. Healthy. Healthy.

Jack Up on Starbucks
Marketer: Starbucks
Brand: Starbucks
Title: "Hank"
Agency: Fallon Worldwide, New York

Talking about being jacked up on coffee. This caffeine-induced hallucinogenic experience is a promo for Starbucks Doubleshot Expresso drink.

Pet Store Scratch Games
Marketer: Minnesota State Lottery
Brand: Scratch Games
Title: "Pet Store Peep"
Agency: Colle & McVoy, Minneapolis

'Surprise Is Good' is the theme of this new campaign featuring everyday people who must scratch their way through silver coverings to see things in everyday places, from pet store windows to their front door peepholes. The spots promote the Minnesota State Lottery's new scratch card games.

Lushly Lexus
Marketer: Toyota
Brand: Lexus
Title: "Brainchild"
Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi, London

This Lexus ad is more like a piece of kinetic art work than an automotive commercial. The lush visual work out of London is certainly hypnotic to watch. But am I likely to remember the brand of car it was selling two months from now? Probably not.

Wild Dominos
Marketer: Diageo
Brand: Parrot Bay
Title: "Take the Bus Home"
Agency: Grey Worldwide

The latest Parrot Bay rum campaign has been so tongue-in-cheek that some cheeks may never recover. In this spot, viewers are taken ringside to a domestic dispute raging around a wild and crazy living room game of dominos.

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