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A Quick Reference Synopsis of the Year's Marketing and Advertising Data

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Which marketer spends the most on advertising in the U.S.? How much does a TV ad cost?
The Ad Age FactPack is a 60-page publication available in hard copy or .pdf file.

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What are the largest advertising agencies? Which ones specialize in pharmaceutical products? What are the top 25 interactive advertising agencies? Which car models, restaurant chains or movie studios spent the most for advertising last year? Who are the industry's biggest media buyers? What was the year's most remembered TV commercial? What is the total spent on advertising in different media?

Guide to Ad Business
Those are just a few questions answered by the latest edition of Advertising Age's annual FactPack of marketing industry data. Available in hard copy as well as .pdf format, the 60-page, 5.5-inch-by-8-inch publication is a compact information resource that is convenient to keep close at hand or view on a computer screen.

Three sections
The FactPack has three primary areas of information: Advertising and Marketing, Media and Agency Business.

It instantly answers other questions such as Which are the top 25 largest U.S. magazines and newspapers by circulation? Or, which are the top U.S. media companies and what are their divisions and properties?

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