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Dennis Wilkinson

Senior VP, programming & marketing

Primestar Partners

When i came to Primestar, we were working with Adler Boschetto Peebles & Partners, which was acquired by Draft Worldwide. When I think about the agency, the words that come to mind are passion, commitment and unrelenting service.

They're unrelenting in their passion to service our business. They're passionate in trying to figure out the most appropriate strategic solution and then about executing it in the highest order. I'm very pleased with their commitment to service our business, which is an unwieldy and dynamic one. They've been there for us, making sure we understand the dynamics of the changes and developing the appropriate strategic responses for our brand in this ever-changing marketplace.


Here's an example of the commitment they exhibit: Our business is rapidly expanding into consumer electronics retail distribution. Without our prompting them, Laurence Boschetto and Ray Albergotti (the senior people on our account) took it upon themselves to visit more than 100 retail outlets across the country to examine what it's going to take for us to be an integral part of this distribution chain.

We didn't ask them to do that. They realized that we had to understand what happens at the point of sale, so they took it upon themselves to do this. It really helped educate us on what it will take to be successful in the retail environment.


From a strategic standpoint, they make sure we keep our brand position relevant to the customer base. On the creative side, we've grown together. We started off focusing on rural environments, so our advertising personality reflected that target market. As we've grown and moved more into suburban areas, we've become more sophisticated in the presentation of our brand benefits and our characterization of what our brand is.

For example, our current campaign, which we're using to introduce a significant enhancement of our service, shows their creativity. One spot I like in particular simulates a public broadcasting fund raiser, with a bank of operators taking phone donations. In the spot, the "operators" are celebrities-characters such as George Hamilton, cartoon characters, a country singer-from our programming.


The agency took a relevant selling position and made it fun, made it upbeat, made it relevant to selling satellite TV and got our messages across. I'm proud to be associated with that type of innovative advertising.

So much of what an agency is is the people who manage it. These guys sweat for us. It's hard to find people who care about your business as much as these guys do. They have a passion for our business, and it shows, day in and day out. I can call and say: "We need this program tomorrow," and they do it. You can't ask for more than that.

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