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Azeezaly Jaffer

Executive Director, Stamp Services

U.S. Postal Service

For about 2 1/2 years we've worked with Lee Hill [which was acquired by Draft in 1997], and we've developed a very solid productive relationship with the agency.

Their chief asset is their tremendous creative department. Their work shows a real spark, and they've come up with unique approaches of looking at a traditional government business.

150 Special Stamps

For example, they're currently working on our huge "Celebrate the Century" program. To mark the millennium, we will issue 150 special commemorative stamps, and the public is going to vote on most of the subjects that will appear on the stamps. Americans will "put their stamp on history." Lee Hill is doing all the creative for point of sale and direct marketing, as well as early creative work for our television advertising campaign.

Much about Millennium

When you create a program like this, you need a campaign that has continuity and that will break through the clutter. Everyone will be doing things about the millennium in coming years. So the agency has created material that is very engaging, very striking, very customer friendly. From database development and direct marketing standpoints, their creative is different from any I've seen from other agencies.

What Lee Hill has done for our business is to take it to another level. When people see it, it gets their attention.

I'm also pleased that the agency's personnel are available to me 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In my dealings with Lee Hill and Dennis Gardner [senior executive VP, Draft Worldwide], I've found they're extremely responsive. In fact, everyone on the staff goes the extra mile. When we need something turned around in a hurry, they've worked through the weekend to get information to us, say, on a Sunday afternoon, so we're ready to present on Monday morning.

Stick to Budget

And it's rare to find people so good at being timely and coming in within budget.

We see them as an extension of our team. That way, we can sit across the table and have very candid discussions about what we think and what their opinions are. They're not bashful about telling us if we're wrong.

With Hill now working as a part of Draft, this adds another strength to the overall business. I am looking forward to very productive years and a mutually beneficial partnership with them.

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