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Tom Kessler

Assistant VP, Domestic Residential Long Distance Business, Consumer

Services Group


We've been a client of Draft Worldwide for about three years, and we've found that Draft brings two main things to the relationship: One, a discipline in how they approach direct marketing that's helped educate us in how we approach it; And two, a level of passion and energy for what they believe in.

They will push us, suggesting options and approaches. They're relentless in their vision in what they want to do. They bring a lot of energy to the whole discipline. But at same time, they're well grounded in the basics of direct marketing.


The work they've done for us-primarily our ongoing customer loyalty communications program-brings basic direct marketing principles to bear. Their understanding of factors such as how a customer should be approached, what language makes someone interested in reading further, what kinds of flow and format work effectively, has changed the approaches that we've used.

They've been very responsive to our needs, since they now know and understand our business. And, most important, they not only understand what our customers need but they measure it. This information leads to even better campaigns the next time. Their campaigns have improved our retention rates significantly. In addition, there's been a significant increase in the positive attitudes of our customers.


Another of Draft's strengths is their strong core of senior managers who work together very well. That stability at the senior level permeates the organization. They've gathered a group of people who have very different personalities, but it all seems to jell. So it's always an interesting discussion when I'm in the room with them.

They always are willing to put the required resources against our business. They move quickly at senior levels so that we get the right kind of thinking, while at the same time, they're fully staffed at lower levels so that the implementation works as smoothly as possible.

They're also willing to bring to bear resources across Draft's organization. So if we need expertise in promotion, database marketing or research, for example, they bring that into the fold.

I'm not surprised they've been so successful, and I'm proud to be associated with them.

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