Ericsson 'Dogvertising' Hits the Streets of Major European Cities

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LONDON (AdAge.com) -- Hundreds of drooling, slobbering dogs are at the center of a new pan-European campaign to promote Sony Ericsson's new mobile phone T300 handset, nicknamed "The Bar."

For the next six weeks, packs of dogs wearing specially designed advertising jackets displaying The Bar T300 image will be walked several times a day in major European cities by dog walkers wearing similar branded clothing.

Created by StrawberryFrog
The campaign, which kicked off Dec. 16, will cover the U.K., Germany, France, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Spain and Italy. The campaign was created by StrawberryFrog, a small independent agency that handles international clients from an office in Amsterdam.

The street activity is part of a cross-media campaign aimed at 16 to 24 year olds to promote the T300 handset, nicknamed The Bar because of its rectangular shape and rounded corners, and the MCA-25 CommuniCam snap-on camera through which users can send images and music messages to friends or store in an online album.

Drooling young people
The slobbering dogs complement images appearing in TV, posters, viral e-mail and radio sponsorship efforts of drooling young people.

The campaign is said to be based on a trend that allegedly started last summer in New York City in which teenagers would drool over friends, clothes, gadgets and music as a mark of respect and approval. In one TV ad, for instance, a brassy young woman driving a car drools (in large quantities) at the sight of a T300 handset being held by a young man in an adjacent car.

Commenting on the drool theme, Kerry Matheson, marketing manager for Sony Ericsson U.K. and Ireland, said: "The drool campaign is about creating lust for The Bar handset and snap-on MCA-25 camera. When we learned about 'dogvertising,' we realized it was a perfect fit -- the dogs are a fun way to illustrate desirability."

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