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Quicksand Beer
Marketer: Interbrew UK
Brand: Castlemaine XXXX Beer
Title: "Sinking"
Agency: Bartle Bogle and Hagerty, London

An ad for the brewer Castlemaine, headquartered in Queensland, Australia, this spot glories in desperate thirst as well as fabled Aussie stoicism. Striding directly across a quicksand field to reach a rucksack full of Castlemaine XXXX beer hung from a tree limb, an outback trekker quickly sinks below the surface, grasping upward for the cans until the last.

Looks Like a Sex Game
Marketer: White Castle
Brand: White Castle
Title: "Lazy Susan"
Agency: J. Walter Thompson, Detroit

White Castle kicks off its latest 'What You Crave' ad with images suggesting a parlor sex game among teenagers is about to begin. But then the spot's denouement reveals the spin-the-bottle action is really about selecting from the chain's new variety of burger flavors.

Heavy Metal School Supplies
Marketer: Staples
Brand: Staples
Title: "Alice"
Agency: Martin Williams, Minneapolis

Alice Cooper, the metal head rocker whose stage name is that of a female witch and who first came to fame in 1969 with his curious use of boa constrictors and bloody chickens, here sells school supplies for Staples. Backgrounded by his 1972 cut 'School Is Out,' Mr. Cooper and a 'daughter' actor engage in some delightfully humorous back-to-school angst.

Carrying the Adidas Load
Marketer: Adidas
Brand: The Garnett Athletic Shoe
Title: "Carry"
Agency: 180/ TBWA (Amsterdam) and TBWA/Chiat/Day, San Francisco

Current NBA Most Valuable Player and former Nike spokesman Kevin Garnett has gone to Adidas. He has his own shoe ('The Garnett') and a new commercial that continues the marketer's 'Impossible Is Nothing' theme. In a striking visual and against the lyrics of the old spiritual "He's Got the Whole World in His Hands," Garnett takes dozens of people onto his shoulders and carries them effortlessly down the street in his Adidas-brand shoes.

Spider-Man Scratch Card Hero
Marketer: Burger King
Brand: Burger King/Spider Man 2
Title: "Rescue"
Agency: Crispin Porter & Bogusky, Miami

This is a commercial that demonstrates that new adage, 'If Spidey sense were real we'd all be rich.' Intuiting the winning spot on a Burger King scratch card contest, our hero consumer helps his girlfriend win a $100,000 Sony shopping spree. The public loved it. This spot received the highest consumer recall score for the period of July 5-18 in the bi-weekly Intermedia Advertising Group survey.

Radiation People
Marketer: American Legacy Foundation
Brand: Anti-Tobacco
Title: "Radiation People"
Agency: Arnold Worldwide, Boston

Like me, you've probably lost a lot of sleep worrying about how the radioactive isotope Polonium 210 is creeping into the mineral-based fertilizer stocks of our nation's tobacco farmers. And here, to ratchet up your paranoia a bit more, is a carnival act suggesting that we should all be wary of those glowing smokers who walk among us.

Lovin' It With Strawberries
Marketer: McDonald's
Brand: McDonald's
Title: "Dream"
Agency: Leo Burnett, London

Aimed at a U.K. audience familiar with the Cadbury Dream white chocolate candy bar that was recently upgraded with real strawberry bits, this spot hawks a new McDonald's desert that incorporates the same idea in a frozen custard product called the McFlurry.

Sign Up Now, It's Fun
Marketer: U.S. Army
Brand: U.S. Army
Title: "Success Story"
Agency: Leo Burnett, Chicago

Filmed in the sunny deserts of California, this upbeat war recruitment ad stars Victor, a Russian immigrant to the U.S. who has signed up to drive his way to personal success in a Stryker -- the armored vehicle that is less than a tank but more than a Humvee. The spot sends viewers to, where they can download the 'Special Forces' digital war game, glory in Army and Nascar racing co-ventures and learn about U.S. Army vacation and health-care benefits.

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