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The Aflac duck, like the Taco Bell chihuahua of a few years back, has transcended Mad Ave and carved out its own little parcel of pop culture mindshare. With its signature "AFLAAC" quack, the cheeky little fowl has waddled its way into the hearts of many TiVo-armed bandits from coast to coast.

The Georgia-based supplemental insurance concern has toyed with the idea for a while now of extending the duck's equity into programming. In today's edition, Lisa Sanders reports that the company is in the midst of negotiating a deal with Paramount to integrate the character into the upcoming "Lemony Snicket's" picture.

While our sources say that the Aflac duck's cameo has been shot, the company is being coy, not confirming one way or the other. Aflac's reticence is clearly driven by its anxiety of how the duck will do when out of its familiar element.

As Aflac ad exec Al Johnson reveals in the piece, "I'm not looking at this as a blatant use of entertainment to further our brand. We want to protect our brand."

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