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With the apotheosis of BMW Films to branded entertainment Holy Grail status over the past couple of years, Jim McDowell and the crew at Fallon have been tagged with the flattering-yet-burdensome "pioneer" appellation.

Burdensome, insofar as anything they attempt in the future that's nontraditional and entertainment-based will be held up against the buzz and ROI generated by "The Hire." Which explains why it's taken them nearly two years to unveil the first media extension of the series.

And while speculation has ranged from everything to a Fox feature film helmed by Tony Scott to a video game, how ironic that BMW would try to follow up the newfangled media success of an Internet short film project with the old-school allure of a comic book series.

As Jean Halliday reports, today is the release of the first in a series of six comic books with the same protagonist played by Clive Owen in the short films. Since Hollywood has made hay with Marvel Comics properties such as Spiderman and Stan Lee has become an eminence grise of sorts, it's hardly an esoteric venture.

But as always, the cash register will be the ultimate judge. The first issue will have a print run of 20,000 issues at $2.99 a pop and will be available at comic book stores and specialty retailers.

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