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Wireless companies have been some of the most aggressive marketers in branded entertainment over the past couple of years. AT&T Wireless dialed up the impact quotient for its text-messaging features, which were deftly integrated into the first seasons of Fox's "American Idol."

As Atlantic Records Chairman Jason Flom—who we feature in today's edition—is quick to point out, music continues to rule in terms of emotional currency with consumers. There is no better testament to that premise than the juggernaut that is "American Idol."

The natural symbiosis between the wireless category and the music industry—with the proliferation of major-label licensing deals for ring tones and the seamless integration of MP3 technology into cellphones—has resulted in numerous deals.

In today's edition, we report how Cingular is partnering with Universal Music Group in the U.S. while Motorola is collaborating with Warner Music and EMI in China as a part of its global MotoMusic effort.

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