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Those of you with photographic memories may recall that our June 1994 issue featured Jeff Goodby and Rich Silverstein on its cover. This month, finally, we get around to their former partner.

Like everyone else in the trade press, we just couldn't wait to do an Andy Berlin story. Well, actually, we stalled for quite a while, waiting for the right time to present itself. When John Doyle closed Doyle Advertising & Design to join up with Berlin Wright Cameron, we thought the time had finally presented itself. Circumstances proved us wrong.

So now here it is, June '96 and it's Andy time again. To be more precise, it's Fallon McElligott Berlin time. Our piece isn't another installment of All About Andy; rather, we've taken a good look at the agency and Berlin's reborn role as a creative director and hands-on shaper of the work. What Warren Berger (who, incidentally, just covered GS&P for The Los Angeles Times Magazine) came away with is an encouraging picture of a scrappy young shop with a lot of creative potential. Will Berlin be able to recreate the best of Goodby, Berlin & Silverstein on lower Fifth Avenue, sans Rich, Jeff and clients like the Mill Valley Film Festival? Inquiring minds want to know.

Seems like just a few months ago we were writing about commercials directors, and now we're back with more on these fragile, misunderstood talents. Normally we try to avoid household names when it comes to these profiles, preferring instead to detail the efforts of offbeat, fringe players with quirky reels or those who are just plain unavailable, but this month we've finally gotten around to writing about Bob Giraldi. Yes, that's right, the director of classic "Tastes great, less filling" Miller Lite ads and dated Michael Jackson videos. Says one group head at Burnett who has worked with Giraldi on Reebok, "Bob is still hip." More to the point, she says he instills confidence in both agencies and clients. Couple that with his legendary speed and his new-found box of techniquey visual tricks and it's easy to see why, after a surprising 25 years behind the lens, he's one of the busiest big-name directors out there.

Our next issue is our annual summer combo loss-leader, which comes out July 29, so have a good month and a half and remember to wear that sun block. Finally, a word of thanks to Regina Moroney, our desktop production assistant, who pitched

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