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Cliff Freeman & Partners, New York

Creative Director: Eric Silver

Art Directors: Rossana Bardales, Taras Wayner

Copywriter: Dan Morales

Producers: Clair Grupp, Catherine Abate

Production Co.: Partizan, New York

Director: Traktor

Editorial Co.: MacKenzie Cutler, New York

Editor: Gavin Cutler

Visual Effects: Quiet Man, New York

It's cliff diving time in Turkey. We open on a slow-talking Turkish announcer as a brave athlete prepares for his plunge. Only problem is, there's no water. Anywhere. That doesn't stop our intrepid diver, who plunges headfirst off the cliff and slams into the earth below Wile E. Coyote-style. Some viewers are off-put by the graphic nature of the violence in this spot, but for the target audience of young male sports nuts, it's spot on. The tag brings it all together-Fox Sports presents regional coverage of the only region that you're interested in-yours.


ESPN "SportsCenter"


Wieden & Kennedy, New York

Creative Directors: Michael Prieve, Stacy Wall

Art Director: Matt Stein

Copywriter: Kevin Proudfoot

Producer: Gary Krieg

Production Co.: Hungry Man, New York

Director: David Levin


"Honeymooners Bust"

Martin Agency, Richmond, Va.

Creative Director: Cliff Sorah

Art Director: Pat Wittich

Copywriter: Bob Meagher

Producer: Jenny Kennedy

Editorial Co.: Post Perfect, New York

Editor: George Kelley

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