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Ads that evoke the art style of M.C. Escher, and set amid newspaper stock listings, are turning heads in Indianapolis.

The b&w ads, touting a law firm's business expertise, are appearing as island ads in the The Indianapolis Star's and The Indianapolis News' New York Stock Exchange listings.

Bingham Summers Welch Spilman this year will spend about $200,000 to run 48 such ads, created by Young & Laramore.

The ads purposely have no phone number, in order to distinguish Bingham Summers from personal injury or general law firm advertising, said Kerry Foster, account exec at the agency.

The ads "ask for an evaluation of the business-legal relationship that, at first glance, might appear to have only one answer," Mr. Foster said. "When people think of a law firm, they tend to think of it in extremes... The essence is there are at least two sides, or different aspects, of services."

The goal is to lead readers to conclude that "a good law firm should have balance," he said.

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