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The Brent Spar saga may not be over until the Fat Lady sings. The controversial Brent Spar deep sea oil drilling platform, which Shell had originally proposed to sink in the North Sea but which was towed to Sandevik Fjord in Norway after public protests led by Greenpeace, is currently being probed for possible uses by a team of advisers employed by Shell. The Norwegian Opera Society (NOS), which is sponsored by Shell-rival Esso, has included Shell's Brent Sp ar as a possible site for Oslo's planned National Opera House. It was one of 28 suggestions the Norwegian government agreed to review late last December. ...A Swiss company isn't afraid to shout about tobacco advertising. FJ Burrus has named its new cigarette brand Yodelidu. The name derives from the national myth in which William Tell yelled "Yodelidu" when he succeeded in shooting an apple that was balanced on his son's head. The national hero Tell featu res prominently in the print campaign through Zurich agency Sulzer and
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