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Magazine marketing veteran Lisa McKean joined Worth in late 1993. She now oversees high-end financial events for readers sponsored by investment companies, retailers and fashion marketers. Ms. McKean also oversees two other Capital Publishing titles, American Benefactor and Civilization, and next year, she hopes to stage an event for all three titles themed "The fine art of investing, living and giving."

Age: 37.

Title: corporate marketing director, Capital Publishing, New York.

Insight: Consumers are as passionate about finance today as sports enthusiasts are about football. They can't get enough information.

Tip: Elegance and exclusivity sell. High-quality events get great results, especially if you provide original information not available elsewhere.

Forecast: Upscale customers will increasingly seek personalized attention. Advertisers will pay more to reach targeted audiences with passionate interests and disciplines. Fashion, food and wine will play a larger role in financial marketer-driven events.

Surprising fact: Financial wizards are equally interested in hearing what

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