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Matt Mazer held various sales, marketing and entertainment jobs before joining Walt Disney Co. in 1985. At Disney, he oversaw key TV and film promotions, and theme park sponsorships. After several years working in marketing posts in the film industry, Sony New Technologies recruited him in 1995 to coordinate strategic marketing alliances to showcase Sony products. Highlights include an innovative three-year marketing deal with the NBA and bringing corporate forces together for the first time to create the 1998 Sony Limited Edition GMC Suburban, offered for $72,975 in this year's Neiman Marcus Christmas Book.

Age: 46.

Title: senior VP.

Insight: The soft-sell approach, allowing people to independently explore products in relaxed settings, can be one of the most powerful strategies.

Challenge: Getting several companies to shed their corporate egos and work as one on a shared goal.

Secret: Understanding what the other side wants plus its latent, unspoken needs. Using the right process to tap the best from all parties in alliances.

Opinion: Value is being redefined. People will eagerly pay $9.50 to see a movie

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