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Mitch Meyers learned the ropes of marketing during eight years in brand management at Anheuser-Busch and previously at Seven-Up Co., among other companies. Joining St. Louis-based Zipatoni Co. in 1991, she became a partner and chief operating officer of the 70-person promotion agency, where she rides herd on various accounts. Unofficially, her title is "sheriff."

Age: 40

Insight: There are no new ideas, only new audiences. Success comes when you grasp your audience's point of view, shaping marketing ideas around a constantly changing consumer.

Tip: Watch how Hollywood is using package-goods marketing tactics. The entertainment sector is rich with new promotion opportunities.

Opinion: Promotion agencies need to be directly involved with the brand strategy team. You can't be powerful when you're two steps removed.

Forecast: Marketers will return to basic marketing issues this fall as the fever for account-specific marketing and everyday low pricing cools.

Peeve: Corporations that don't nurture risk-takers, forcing everyone to play it safe with mediocre ideas.

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