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A career in real estate and sports marketing honed Dean Bonham's skills as one of the nation's experts in corporate sponsorships of stadiums and arenas. His 11-person agency researches the value of venue sponsorships and helps negotiate terms.

Age: 46

Title: President-CEO, Bonham Group, Denver

Facts: Fans pay five to 10 times the real cost of food and beverages in most arenas. Most sports memorabilia is signed by little old ladies in back rooms, despite reforms.

Insight: Despite the explosion in cause-related marketing, there are very few cause-related marketing programs that can truly bring powerful results to sponsors.

Forecasts: Corporations will sponsor communities and entire cities through official products and other endorsements. Watch for corporate sponsorship to grow from 10% of marketing to 50% of marketing budgets in 10 years. Hollywood will look to sponsorship to boost its bottom line.

Tip: College sports and women's pro sports are among the best values in sports marketing.

Opinion: Only major league sports franchises can convince kids to stay in school by making players finish school before joining the leagues.

What's hot: Virtual signage, the PGA Tour, Hollywood influences in sports

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