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Multicultural Marketing Resources surveyed 41 multicultural marketing experts to get their spin on the top issues related to the future of ethnic advertising.

Looking into your crystal ball, what are your predictions for the future of ethnic marketing?

* If companies do not embrace "diversity marketing" when 48% of our nation's population within the next 20 years will be African-American, Asian-American and Hisapnic, they will have a tough time competing to stay in business.

* It will be a strategic piece of the mix with the top management buy-in!

* The need for ethnic marketing will greatly increase once Census 2000 numbers are released.

* Mixed. We've seen growth in some sections, consolidation in others. Slow but steady growth.

* Continued growth in the number of media behicles to reach highly targeted audiences.

Categories predicted to have highest rate of growth for ethnic marketing:


2. Package goods

3. health care

4. financial services

5. beauty

Which of the following markets are you targeting?

Hispanic: 32

Asian-American: 24

African-American: 23

Other: International: 3; Women: 2; Gay&Lesbian: 2

Top issues:

1. Measurement of results or return on investments of ethnic programs.

2. Obtaining funding to implement meaningful programs.

3. Reaching ethnic consumers in their own language

4. Determining what motivates ethnic groups to buy

5. Marketing to key segments whithin key ethnic groups

6. Finding and retaining minority employeesExperts identify their research and measurement needs:

Message, measurement, identification

Quality research and more media

Quality lists and databases

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