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1970: University of Tennessee students Christopher Whittle and Phillip Moffitt launch Knoxville in a Nutshell, a guide that marks the start of what soon became 13-30 Corp.

1979: 13-30 purchases Esquire.

1986: Messrs. Moffitt and Whittle split; Mr. Moffitt keeps Esquire, later selling it to Hearst Corp., Mr. Whittle keeps 13-30 and renames it Whittle Communications.

1988: Whittle Communications launches Special Reports; Mr. Whittle sells a 50% stake in Whittle Communications to Time Inc. for $185 million.

1990: Channel One is launched; Special Reports is revamped as a TV and magazine service.

1992: Philips Electronics N.V. acquires a 25% stake in Whittle for $175 million; Whittle focus shifts from print to electronic media; plans for Medical News Network are announced.

1993: Mr. Whittle fails in his bid to raise $750 million for the Edison Project and to buy back Time Warner's stake.

1994: March-Whittle kills Special Reports; Donald F. Johnstone is named president-CEO from the same job at Philips Consumer Electronics Co.; July-Whittle shuts down Medical News Network; negotiations under way to sell 51% of Channel One to GS Capital Partners.

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