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The best ads Microsoft never made first aired on the July 7 episode of "Best Week Ever," a news-commentary comedy show on VH1. Within 24 hours, the spoof of Apple's "I'm a Mac" ad, done by the "Best Week Ever" writer-producer team of Bryan Paulk and Brynn Wurmbrand, was posted on iFilm and hit 250,000 views. Bloggers reposted the spot as others e-mailed the link all over the web.

The video has logged more than 180,000 views on YouTube, and tallied more than 400,000 on iFilm. "Everyone had such a visceral reaction to those ads, whether good or bad," said Fred Graver, "Best Week Ever" executive producer.

"The Lost Mac Ads" use actors Christian Finnegan and Nick Kroll as the PC and Mac guys. The two spar much like in the original ads, albeit with much saltier banter. At one point the PC guy looks off-screen and says, "Why am I even wasting my time talking to this jackass?" The Mac guy responds: "Dude, don't be a hater. You can borrow my iSight camera."

In a second sendup, the very slacker Mac guy describes his "mad stupid" mashup of a Gnarls Barkley song and the movie "Psycho." The PC guy responds, "Do you know what I think is stupid? Expensive worn jeans, ironic T-shirts and pretentious film-school glasses"-all items the Mac guy is wearing, leaving him to ask: "Do you mean like stupid stupid or cool stupid?"

Messrs. Paulk and Wurmbrand aren't alone. Dozens of takeoffs have appeared on video sites. Most stick to the Mac vs. PC theme, with variations on which is better and why. Microsoft declined to comment on them.

"It's funny that most of the comments start out as, 'Yes, these are funny' or whatever, but then as the thread goes on, it almost always ends up in an argument of Mac vs. PC," Mr. Paulk said.

For the record, the VH1 writers and producers are all Mac owners and fans. "We wanted to parody the subject," Mr. Paulk said. "It's about the characters, not the computer."
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