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I was offended by James Brady's column, "Was Hemingway gay?" (AA, Nov. 28) in which he challenges a recent book asserting such a theory. Instead of challenging the data contained in the book on an objective level, Mr. Brady simply displays his own homophobia and ignorance.

By comparing gays to Newt Gingrich and Heidi Fleiss, among other comments, Mr. Brady makes clear his belief that being gay is something less than desirable, particularly for such a hero of American literature as Hemingway.

Mr. Brady should be advised that gays are proud of who they are as important contributors to our diverse society. Brady displays his ignorance of gays and perpetuates false stereotypes by stating that Hemingway would have been much less macho if truly gay and would have jumped at any opportunity for a sexual encounter.

The real question is why such outdated trash was printed in a respectable industry magazine. Moreover, what does Mr. Brady's piece have to do with advertising?

Daniel M. Duty

Trademark counsel

General Mills


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