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Heath Hewett, 23, grew up on a North Carolina livestock farm in the tiny Bible Belt town of Tabor City, and now he's in the Big Apple getting his career "launched" as a designer at Charlex. "Heath's book had a depth of richness and imagery, with a fresh quality," says Charlex exec producer Amy Kindred. Hewett went to N.C.'s State University School of Design, where he learned Web design but got no broadcast experience. Not to worry. "Design is about problem-solving, not working in amy particular medium," he says. In his six months at Charlex, he's worked on Ford spots, among others, and the opening titles of a film called On the Run, seen here. As for life in the big city, he's sure it can only expand his design palette. "I come from a place that speaks a very secluded language," he says. (TK)

From W&K to Kaye: Camera Move

Wieden & Kennedy's new 12-spot WNBA on ESPN campaign is both a beginning and an end for Korean-born AD/director Young Kim. It marked his last shoot as an art director at W&K and his debut as a director at Tony Kaye & Partners. The campaign called for a band in funky orange and white '70s outfits, soulfully crooning about the WNBA, and Kim and company shot it with the music performed live. "We wanted it to look like existing footage from Happy Days," says the director, seen above on the set. "This was the most interesting project in my

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