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Arnold Fortuna Lawner

& Cabot, Boston

Kinney Shoe Corp.

Ron Lawner, Creative Director/Copywriter

Bill Boch, Art Director

Donna Trope, Photographer

Consumer research shows women don't go to Kinney Shoe Corp. stores to buy fashionable shoes. Hence came the creative strategy from Arnold Fortuna Lawler & Cabot, Boston.

"Spotlight a great looking shoe on the left side and follow with a few lines of copy on the right," says Ron Lawner, creative director. "And boom-before she realizes it's Kinney, she's already in love with the shoe-no going back."

A key element in this execution was a bit of addition by subtraction. To avoid having women flipping the page after seeing a Kinney logo, the creative team chose to omit it.

With photography that tries to make shoes look like a million bucks-even though they're only $39-and copy so clean it squeaks, the agency created a starkly seductive look appealing to readers of Elle, Glamour, Mademoiselle, Vogue and other fashion magazines.

These ads were created to make it acceptable for fashion-conscious women to shop at Kinney, and the retailer says store traffic has grown steadily since the campaign began a year ago.

"Hey, fashion is where you find it," quips Mr. Lawner, using the campaign's

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