Old-fashioned shopping scores big

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A TRADITIONAL HOLIDAY: It may seem like a media obsession with stories about e-commerce, but in reality the media still favor bricks and mortar -- and by a wide margin.

Conventional holiday season retail marketing attracted 139 stories in the SPINdex sample of influential media outlets during the month leading up to this column. That was more coverage than any other marketing topic -- including holiday e-tailing. With a SPINdex score of 1,525, traditional shopping generated almost 10 times more coverage than e-tailing, with a score of 164 and tied for No. 3 with Y2K-related marketing and advertising.

But another Internet marketing phenomenon, the emergence of dot-com advertising, made No. 2 for the month, showing clearly that the new ad category is a media darling, as well as an economic media boon. Another sign of these Web-obsessed times is that stories about this year's hot Christmas toy -- in this case, Pokemon -- ranked only fifth. In years past, Furby, Tickle Me Elmo and the like ranked near or at the top of December SPINdex rankings.

Just missing out of the ranking: Stories about advertisers pulling out of World Wrestling Federation telecasts; "Toy Story 2" marketing; and another perennial favorite, Super Bowl advertising.

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