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There is a remarkable book out called "High-Velocity Culture Change" by Price Prichett and Ron Pound. The last chapter says it all. It is entitled "Go Flat Out . . . Start out fast and keep trying to pick up speed. Leave skid marks."

Next: Is about leaving skid marks.

Tomorrow has already come and gone. The future is screaming. The high tech stuff is blowing away the status quo. The clients are ahead of the agencies. The consumers are ahead of the clients. And the dreamers are ahead of everyone.

The agency of the future must move from being the last to get it to the first to get it. Tough job for an industry whose idea of a fast-paced game is chess.

Speed and a culture of urgency. That will be the makeup of the agency of the future. Growing big by acting small. Blowing up bureaucracies. Igniting the entrepreneurs. Creating SWAT teams. Rapid response. The celebration of curious, restless and fearless agents of change.

Speed. Lightning fast.

Where nothing is impossible and everything is important.

Speed. Stay out front and stay focused.

Speed. Stay hungry and stay humble. (I stole that from Hakeem the Dream.)

The winners will kiss change on the lips and become one with the marketplace.

The virtual office crowd will be home alone. Slow. Methodical. Boring. Isolated from the world. The winners will be back in the bowling alleys and running down the hallways yelling and screaming, "I've got it-it's huge. It will change the course of history."

Speed. Running on empty together. Sharing the pain, the gain, the fall, the fame. Pushing the limit.

Speed. Passion. Full throttle. The body will reject the tired or the timid.

The thrill of the hunt. The quest for the visionary idea. The restoration of core values. The nourishment from running the rapids together and the war stories that follow.

A warrior's heart (I stole that one from Paul Higham).

The next 50 years. Dump the garbage and the baggage. Read and embrace the teachings of "The Art of War," "Built to Last" and "Made in America." Retire the people who already have. Surround yourself with competitors, team players, faster breakers, three-point shooters.

Buckle up. For tomorrow we ride at dawn.

Mr. Spence is president of GSD&M, Austin, Texas.

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