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Glimpses of the future from a business executive's perspective:

1) Current excessive downsizing of marketing middle management and R&D activity will be checked by companies that aspire to leadership. Wall Street's life-sucking demands will be countered by the realization of the need for a strong "bench" of future managers.

2) Mass marketing will continue to expire. Even Coca-Cola, Pepsi and McDonald's find they can think globally but have to adapt their selling locally.

3) Humans in communications will rise again. Marketers will at last get around to test calling their own companies' 800-numbers and hear what their prospective customers hear and why they are often turned off: inane, endless, unfriendly voicemail.

4) There will be a renaissance of print advertising. Print can be seen and reseen at a customer's convenience. Print can be clipped, shared for decision-making, postponed, filed and narrowly targeted in efficient media.

5) Subliminal advertising will again raise its head. The notion has been around but never utilized since James Vicary in 1957 hypothesized that ultrafast secondary messages, invisible to the eye but not to the subconscious, could be flashed on the screen.

6) Network TV will go the same dodo-bird route as its predecessor, network radio. All TV will become user-pay in some form. And all TV will be narrowcast to selective markets.

Mr. Hartman came roaring out of World War II right into the new world of advertising as a partner in a St. Augustine, Fla., agency. From there, he headed to New York and a long and distinguished career as CEO of Bill Communications, which was sold in 1988.

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