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MARKETER: Faucet Depot

WHERE TO FIND IT: www.faucetdepot.com

CRITIQUE: Last week we took a look at a spread of banners from Lotus Development Corp., which we liked because of their adherence to old-school design standards. The simple animated ads will sell product, we said.

And we were right. But we thought we should go back and stress that that's not the only way to push product.

Take Faucet Depot, for instance. Its banners are cluttered, a bit fuzzy, non-animated, non-interactive and far from attractive. Its Web site is a run-of-the-mill electronic commerce site which sells, well, faucets. All your favorite brands.

But Faucet Depot is still doing something very right, because we found this ad after doing a search for the keywords "kitchen" and "bathroom" on several search engines.

While keyword buys aren't new, this is an excellent one in terms of targeting people who are not only interested in your industry, but probably very interested in purchasing your product.

They didn't go overboard with the buy either. For instance, foraging for "Pfister" failed to find a Faucet Depot ad.

Don't get us wrong: The creative in the ad is still lacking any sense of aesthetic. It's so 1994, and Web content that looks like it was created in the simpler days when the founder's son could build a Web site is just bad at the moment, not any sort of retro-chic.

The site could learn a lot from Lotus (or a design course), but someone there has been doing their homework for Web Marketing 101.

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