A Photo Gallery of the Croisette's New Promotional Beasts

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Photography by Laurel Wentz
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CANNES ( -- Left Photo: Taking a page from New York's "Cow Parade," the Ad Festival this year offered 20 fiberglass lions for sale to interested sponsors. Here's what six sponsors bought for $7,000 apiece. All, like Sipra of Italy, got to decorate their lions as they saw fit. Right Photo: Something like modern-day sphinxes, the promotional beasts will line the grand walkway along Cannes' picturesque beach and harbor for the festival's duration.

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Left Photo: The project had a double meaning for Publicis, whose own corporate logo is the head of a lion. Their fiberglass Cannes version is one of the most ornate. Enclosed in a Plexiglas cube, it appears to be underwater. Right Photo: Taking a somewhat more austere approach was Ogilvy & Mather, which applied its corporate color, name logo and a pirate's eye patch.

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Left Photo: The large number 50 behind each lion figure heralds the ad festival's 50th anniversary. Right Photo: USA Today's atomic yellow lion is located -- where else? -- next to a newsstand.

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