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Goodby, Silverstein & Partners, San Francisco

Creative Director: Rich Silverstein

Assoc. Creative Director, Art Director: David Gray

Associate Creative Director, Copywriter: Gerry Graf

Producer: Tod Puckett

Production Co.: Hungry Man, New York

Director: Bryan Buckley

Editorial Co.: MacKenzie Cutler, New York

Editors: Michael Douglas, Ian MacKenzie

Simple strategy here. Take the outrageous cost of Super Bowl airtime and use it to make a statement about how a brand can help you. In this case, the marvelous absurdity of having a chimp stand on an overturned bucket and wave his arms as "La Cucaracha" plays on a boom box is priceless. Surrounded on either side by perfectly cast cretins and punctuated by the now famous tagline, "Well, we just wasted $2,000,000. What are you doing with your money?", the E-Trade chimp is a post-modern symbol of wanton disregard for your financial health. The cure? E-Trade, of course.



"Working Stiff"

Fallon Worldwide, New York

Creative Director: Kevin Roddy

Assoc. Creative Director, Art Director: Matt Vescovo

Copywriter: William Gellner

Producer: Melissa Miller

Production Co.: Partizan, Los Angeles

Director: Traktor

Editorial Co.: MacKenzie Cutler, New York

Editor: Gavin Cutler



Leagas Delaney, London

Creative Directors: Tim Delaney, Tom Hudson

Art Director: David Beverley

Copywriter: Rob Burleigh

Producer: Nerine Soper

Production Co.: RSA Films, London

Director: Tony Scott

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