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H&R Block: "Worried About Bill" :60

Y&R Advertising, Chicago

Director: Craig Gillespie, Coppas Films

This is one Stanley Kubrick could've made. Dad marches into the kitchen and announces that he is doing the taxes this year on his own. He feels liberated and sets to his task with enthusiasm. But he gets distracted, and he procrastinates. As the deadline approaches, he begins to act like Jack Nicholson's character from "The Shining." "Dad needs a quiet house!" he yells at the family as they sit quietly reading books.

The tag: "You have to do taxes, but do you have to do them yourself?" Another brilliant creative surprise from Y&R, one that is witty, entertaining and on message. Too bad they no longer have the account.


E*Trade: "Broker" :60

Goodby Silverstein & Partners, San Francisco

Director: Bryan Buckley, Hungry Man

This mournful, masterful piece of advertising introduces us to a character who lives among us all, a Ralph Cramden for the zeros. He's the schlep on the subway who looks and smells like an old sock. He sleeps on a waterbed, wakes up with a light clapper, guzzles Pepto- Bismol and commutes from New Jersey. He is a lonely guy. He is a broker. "If your broker is so smart," reads a title, "how come he has to work." It's probably one of the cruelest spots on the air, but powerful because there is truth in it.

MasterCard International: "Happy" :30

McCann-Erickson Worldwide, New York

Plugging the priceless approach into Elmer Fudd, Olive Oyl and Yogi Bear touches the old nostalgia buttons for boomers. Olive's $26 Wonderbra is a real tickler. "Being happy with who you are," coming from grouchy old Fred Flintstone, is especially upbeat. What else can one say about this long-running series? Keep on plugging.

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