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Kirshenbaum & Bond,

New York

Duck Head

Apparel Co.

Andy Spade, Creative Director/Copywriter

Bill Oberlander, Art Director

Adam Levite, Art Director

Josh Miller, Copywriter

Hans Gissinger, Photographer

A trip to Southern colleges inspired the creative team at Kirshenbaum & Bond, New York, to let Duck Head Apparel Co.'s pants speak for themselves.

Art and copy stems directly from actual Duck Heads and the experiences people had while wearing them. The marketer paid students $100 to borrow old pants for its campaign; the more holes, rips, tears, patches, stains and spots, the better.

Each ad in the $2.5 million campaign tells the story of a pair of pants by using hypercritical photography accompanied by a weathered or distressed typeface.

Kirshenbaum & Bond hired a photographer from Switzerland and used a variety of rubber stamps, hot metal presses and manipulated typefaces to create the look they needed.

"Every pair of Duck Heads has its own feel-and we want the advertising to reflect that feel," says Copywriter Andy Spade.

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