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Advertising managers, art directors, pay attention! If you are going to use anything connected with fishing in the art, for goodness sake check it out with somebody who has gone fishing at least once in his or her life.

Look at the Zantac ad. You've got a guy holding a spinning rod to which is attached a fly reel. If that guy has a fish on big enough to pull all that line off the reel like that, he ain't gonna be standing around grinning at us! And where'n hell are his waders?

Now look at the other ad. Now you've got a casting rod to which is attached a spinning reel. And the size lure he's got laying there would have to be cast by a cargo boom.... Any guy who ever went fishing will look at these ads and miss the point altogether, because he can't get over slapping his sides of the fact that, "Dummy, they got a spinning reel on a fly rod!"

Arthur Millholland

Kenosha, Wis.

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