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MARKETER: Eastman Kodak Co.

WHERE TO FIND IT: www.kodak.com/go/photoquilt

CRITIQUE: Kodak wants to show off. Its Digital Imaging Group, a partnership composed of just about every company in the field that matters, developed an image format, Flashpix, that makes working with digital images simpler.

In order to shout about it, Kodak has set up something called Photo Quilt, where consumers can upload their own images and captions to create a large mosaic of photos -- like the exhibit Kodak used to promote color photography in the offline world at Grand Central Station in the '50s. And the people don't even realize they're being sold to!

New technologies never get used well right off the bat. The first animated images on the Web were worthless, for example, and many still are. That's because no one ever took the step of showing Webmasters how to do it -- before anyone set bad examples.

The kodak.com site serves to educate consumers and get them more involved and comfortable in a hands-on way in digital imaging. Wisely, there's also a developer site at www.digitalimaging.org to help techs and marketers alike figure out how they can make good use of this technology.

One site can exist without the other. But the combination provides the full picture of how to use Flashpix while allowing groups on each side of the sales fence to zoom in on the parts relevant only to them.


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