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While Little Caeasars tested a new line of Pleasers pizzas, heaped with more cheese and toppings, Cliff Freeman & Partners conducted its own test: an absurd :60 that parodies focus groups.

Directed through Crossroads Films by agency art director Bruce Hurwitt, the spot opens as a clipboard-toting nerd asks a group, "OK, how many of you would like more cheese on your pizzas?" Everybody raises their hands. "More toppings?" All hands fly. Then, to the stirring strains of a victory march, he continues his poll before roomfuls of World War I vets, Trekkies, people with big noses and, eventually, orangutans. There is unanimous agreement about the desirability of more stuff.

Credits to: ADs John Leu and Greg Bell, who co-wrote the spot; CDs Cliff Freeman and Donna Weinheim; producer Mary Ellen Duggan and editor Chuck Willis at Crew Cuts, New York.

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