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"Jerry Springer Show"

Topic: "I KNOW you're cheating."

Example: Ron confronts girlfriend Tammy, with whom he has a 7-month-old baby, about her cheating with their neighbor; Ron nevertheless asks Tammy to marry him, she says no and he starts swearing at her.

Advertisers: "TV Guide"; Sudafed; Jenny Craig weight loss programs; First Response home pregnancy test; Pedialyte; Paramount's "Home for the Holidays"; Perdue chicken; "Dr. Talk"-CD of Mr. Springer singing country songs; Paramount's "Nick of Time."

"The Ricki Lake Show"

Topic: "You kicked me out...I'm begging you PLEASE take me back."

Example: One fellow gets on his knees and gives his girlfriend a friendship ring; she rejects it.

Advertisers: Burger King/"Toy Story" promotion; Gerber baby food; Tonka toys; Pillsbury cinnamon rolls; Campbell's soup; Taco Bell; Jell-O instant pudding; Best Buy; Disney's "Toy Story"; Triaminic cough medicine; Super Kmart; Bugle Boy; Cranberry Jell-O; Milton Bradley's Yahtzee; 2,000 Flushes toilet bowl cleaner; Remington Swing Setter.

"The Jenny Jones Show"

Topic: "SURPRISE! We're getting HITCHED." Camera crews join women who surprise their procrastinating fiances and boyfriends, and get married on the spot.

Example: One woman, dressed in wedding gown, wakes up boyfriend in bed; another wedding takes place during show.

Advertisers: Jergens body shampoo; Remington Triple Foil and Wet/Dry for Women shavers; Pillsbury chocolate chip cookies; Robitussin cough medicine; Burger King/"Toy Story" promotion; Super Kmart; Long John Silver's; Bugle Boy; Butternut bread; TriStar's "Jumanji"; Wrigley's Freedent gum; Max Factor lipstick; "You Can read!" video-phonics.

"The Oprah Winfrey Show"

Topic: "Hey...you do a great job!" People are surprised with compliments about how they do their jobs.

Examples: A sanitation worker is singled out for helping a man look through trash for his father's false teeth; Ms. Winfrey thanks her vet for saving her dog's life.

Advertisers: Toys "R " Us; Super Kmart; Hamburger Helper; Mattel's Uno games; Pedigree Marrobone and other dog treats; Montgomery Ward's Electric Ave.; Shake 'n' Bake; Campbell's soup; Crayola Kits; Barilla pasta sauces; Columbia Pictures' "Money Train"; Rice a Roni; Vlasic pickles-Sandwich Stackers.


Topic: Harry Wu and others who spent time in Chinese prisons; the grander topic is China's human rights violations and whether the U.S. should trade with China when so many of the products are made using prison labor.

Advertisers: HiHo! Cherry-o game for kids; Jergens lotion; Alka-Seltzer Plus; Sea-Bond denture adhesive; Scalpicin; Brinks Home Security; Easy Spirit shoes; Milton Bradley's Scrabble; Dentu-Creme; 2,000 Flushes; Tide (and mention of Walgreen drugstores); Playskool; Bugle Boy.

"Sally Jessy Raphael"

Topic: "Shhh...I've got a secret!"

Example: Paula finds out her husband married her for her trust fund.

Advertisers: Ricola cough drops; Chap Stick; Milton Bradley's Candyland and Chutes & Ladders; Super Kmart; Best Buy; Dimetapp Elixir cough medicine; On-Cor freezer meals; Remington Style Setter; 2,000 Flushes; Beano dietary supplement; Gaviscon antacid.

This sampling of advertisers compiled by Barbara Bosch. Talk shows were monitored Nov. 16 in Chicago.

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