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Ford this month in 1965 began shipping early models of its new Bronco utility vehicle into a new market area for the company. Ford planned to use magazines to advertise the 40,000 Broncos to be built this year. Donald Frey, VP-general manager of the Ford division, said the market for Bronco and similar four-wheel-drive vehicles could reach 40,000 units. He estimated there were some 200,000 such vehicles on the road (Kaiser Jeep, International Scout, Datsun, Toyopet and Land Rover.)

Also this month in 1965, a former junior executive at Procter & Gamble Co., who tried to sell a 188-page Crest toothpaste marketing plan to Colgate-Palmolive for $20,000, pleaded guilty. The executive was arrested by a Federal Bureau of Investigation official in 1964 in a men's room at Kennedy Airport after he had arranged a rendezvous with a Colgate employee. Colagate called in the FBI. The market plan outlined the 1964-65 strategy for Crest, which dominated the toothpaste market despite intensive effort by Colgate and Cue toothpastes to

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