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In search of younger buyers, Ford Motor Co.'s Ford Division has made a limited print buy in December that may be repeated in 1998.

A four-page insert featuring four vehicle models -- the Escort, two-door Explorer Sport, Mustang coupe and Ranger pickup -- will appear in Cosmopolitan, Details, Entertainment Weekly, Glamour and Rolling Stone.

Ford has advertised Escort and Mustang in all five magazines before, but the Explorer Sport and Ranger are new to the books, said Gerry Donnelly, advertising manager of the division.

Ford is using the insert to target consumers in their late 20s and early 30s. The Explorer Sport model has the oldest average owner, about 42, Mr. Donnelly said. The average owners of the three other models are in their late 30s.

He said the effort "will start running" in December books, indicating the possible extension into next year.


"To do cool advertising, they say you have to show grunge-dressed and angst-ridden models," reads the insert cover from J. Walter Thompson USA, Detroit. Inside, the ad goes on to read that when the news is really big, it can be given straight. That is accompanied by shots of the four vehicles, each with a price and popular equipment, not stripped-down models.

"The insert uses a real straightforward approach" because Generation Xers tend to be skeptical, Mr. Donnelly said.

Separately, Ford is supporting Mustang in a four-page advertorial in Mademoiselle's December issue. The special section, done by the magazine, brings together two "Melrose Place" stars and Jordache fashion.

"We've aligned Mustang with this specific interest of reaching young women," said Publisher Victoria Lasdon Rose. "The section is more lifestyle, with no

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