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Hispanic Elephants
Marketer: Ford Motor Co.
Brand: Focus 2005
Title: "Elefante"
Agency: Zubi Advertising, Miami
Even if you don't speak the language, this delightful Spanish-language ad will have you humming about elephants all day. It is based on a much beloved Hispanic nursery rhyme about elephants dancing on a spider web. The spot's gag is a word play -- the driver misreads an invitation to a posh social affair as requiring 'elephant' clothes rather than 'elegant' clothes. Not matter, he and his friends go into the ball floppy ears and all.

Repo Man
Marketer: Ford Motor Co.
Brand: Focus 2005
Title: "Blung"
Agency: Uniworld Group, New York
Posturing fools like the driver of the SUV in this spot have become quite common on the streets of late. But here we get the payoff of seeing one yanked to his comeuppance. Three cheers for the repo man.

Winged Buffalo
Marketer: Pizza Hut
Brand: Buffalo Chicken Pizza
Title: "Buffalo Chicken"
Agency: BBDO, New York
Although pop singer Jessica Simpson and her younger sister Ashlee star in this Pizza Hut spot for 'Buffalo Chicken Pizza,' the best actor is the winged buffalo. He's clearly the production's most intelligent mammal.

Temptation Monster
Marketer: Kashi Co.
Brand: Go Lean Crunch Cereal
Title: "Temptation Monster"
Agency: Amazon Advertising, San Francisco
Imagine our chagrin at seeing the very same green-furred monster that roams our own office wreaking havoc elsewhere as well. Here, the beast is on the payroll of the Kashi Co. to emphasize how its cereals can assist the weight-challenged office consumer. Makes you want to go eat a brownie, doesn't it?

Dymo Saves Tymo
Marketer: Dymo
Brand: LabelWriter
Title: "Tymo"
Agency: North Castle Partners, Stamford, Conn.
The new tagline -- 'Dymo Saves You Tymo' -- is as silly as it is memorable. In fact, the whole spot glories in silliness. But the depiction of hopelessly tangled laser writer labels as well as the slickly efficient Dymo LabelWriter is exactly on target for anyone who has used either product and encountered virtually identical results.

Storm Watch
Marketer: Goodyear
Brand: Assurance Tires
Title: "Assurance"
Agency: HF&A Marketing Communications, Akron, Ohio
Next time you find yourself driving at high speed to escape the imminent simultaneous road threats of high floods, obliterating avalanches and wild rock slides, you'll know what to do. Just duck into that tunnel entrance with the 'Assurance' sign above it.

Samsung Sensuality
Marketer: Samsung
Brand: Samsung
Title: "Within"
Agency: Foote Cone & Belding, New York
When this spot ends, what most stays in your mind is the sensual profile of a woman walking on a beach. The specific message of the Samsung brand is in there somewhere amidst the fast-moving, brightly colored images. But maybe that's why they titled the spot 'Within.' Or maybe that's why Samsung has put its global branding account out for review.

Moronic Males
Marketer: Domino's Pizza
Brand: Philly Cheese Steak Pizza
Title: "Home Improvement"
Agency: J. Walter Thompson

A herd of moronic males stampedes through a home improvement store when a woman rings a doorbell unit in a hardware display area. This spot received the highest consumer recall score for the period of April 12 - 25 in the bi-weekly Intermedia Advertising Group survey.

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