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Leigh Billingsley

VP-Gasoline Category, Amoco Corp.

We've had a great working relationship with Frankel for the past three years. We decided we needed a promotion agency that would act as a partner to help us build our business. I've worked with many agencies over the years, and I can't emphasize enough how impressed I've been with the folks at Frankel, how they've made themselves part of our team. They understand our business and are totally dedicated to it. In fact, they act as if they were part of my brand group, as if it's their business, too.

We've developed very focused positionings for each of our brands, and Frankel was a part of that work. As we've developed promotion briefs for each of our promotions, they've taken those to heart and incorporated them in the campaigns. In addition, they help us evaluate and analyze in both pre-testing and post-campaign phases. If there are any problems, they and address them.

Their campaigns are creative and their concepts are good. For example, we're currently running a campaign tied to the new "Batman" movie. That's an innovative promotion. I can't recall another oil industry tie-in with a movie company that involves giving away a free item at site.

Frankel came up with concept for this "Light the Night" campaign based on the idea that Batman represents power and performance the same ideas behind our brand positioning. They've done a really bang-up job of creating a campaign that we believe will deliver volume to our sites and is tied in with our brand equity positioning.

We feel it will be effective because it will provide immediate gratification, bringing customers into our service stations. Consumers who purchase four 9-gallon fill-ups will receive a free Mag-Lite flashlight right at the station-instant gratification. In addition, Frankel did an excellent job of helping us build excitement with our field sales force. I've never seen our group so pumped up about a promotion. There's even a "Batlight" on our Amoco building here in Chicago.

Another of Frankel's creative promotions was last summer's "Ride of Your Life" promotion. In this, customers received a chance to win a sweepstakes with trips as prizes, such as a balloon ride or a ride in a Nascar vehicle. We saw a definite increase in sales as a result of that campaign.

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