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Mike Howe

Director of Marketing Communications, United Airlines

In the eight years we've worked with Frankel, we've become very comfortable with them. We know we can turn a project over to them, and they can take it from soup to nuts.

We look to Frankel to solve specific problems, to address certain situations, to fit particular niches and capitalize on certain opportunities. We rely on them to focus on critical issues. They've come through and brought us some good results.

They've demonstrated creative, out-of-the box kind of thinking. For example, a few years ago, we faced a community relations issue in Denver with the area's business travelers. To address it, Frankel developed a comprehensive program and brought in international business and government leaders as speakers for a series of presentations to the business community. They also arranged a series of programs with the local NBC-TV affiliate, sort of like the "College Bowl" show, focused on the subject of world geography, which was a hot topic at the time. We provided travel awards to the winners and tied it to an ad campaign. The program accomplished our goals.

Last year, they tied several campaigns to the '96 Olympics. One was designed to boost our employees' team efforts and performance. Frankel's incentive program encouraged employees to write essays nominating fellow-workers as good examples of teamwork and the Olympic spirit. A panel of judges selected 10 winners, who were given trips to the Olympics.

Another program last year reinforced our message that United is the business person's airline. Targeting travelers in Chicago and Los Angeles, we coupled a sweepstakes with a print campaign that used prominent local business leaders as spokesmen. The message was that just like these local companies, our combination of ownership and pride made us the top choice for business travelers. The sweepstakes, which presented travel awards and credits at these local businesses, attracted about 50,000 entries and built awareness of what our company is all about.

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