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Bob Thacker

VP-Marketing, Target Stores

We've worked with Frankel for nearly eight years, and we've found them to be professional from top to bottom. Every individual there is a real pro. They view promotion as a legitimate business. There's no element of flimflam about them. They epitomize what promotion is all about.

We use the agency as strategic partners in all of our key events and activities. When we went into the Chicago area, for example, they were there helping set the stage for exactly how we launched our brand in the market. We opened about 12 stores in one day, and they helped us do it right. They even hired an urban historian to take us on a guided tour of the areas where we would locate our stores to help us understand the differences and similarities in each location.

Also, they created special promotions that tied us to things that were important in the community. That was the first time we'd done anything like that, and it set the pattern for all our big openings after that. In one promotion, for instance, they created special sample bags that we handed out at train platforms to commuters. That was five years ago, and I'm still seeing those bags on the streets of Chicago. Another Frankel creation was an in-store game that people came pouring into our stores to play. It was a big hit, the biggest game we've done, a sweepstakes using an electronic game card distributed in circulars. More than 211,000 people came to the stores to run the card through an electronic scanning device.

Frankel has a person here in our headquarters office all the time to make sure we're continually linked. And they have an excellent knowledge of our business. In fact, I view them as employees, an extension of us.

In addition, they're very responsive to our needs. They bring us new sampling ideas, ideas on new ways to bundle products, new in-store display ideas, sometimes even suggestions for products. They're tapped into new ideas, new trends, new resources.

There's an ongoing commitment from the top from Pam Church [senior VP-director of client services] and Susan Boyd [senior VP-executive creative director], in particular. They provide change as it's needed, continuity as it's required.

And they demonstrate good attention to detail. That's one of our main needs, since we work on so many projects at same time. Their follow-through sets them

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