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Without even one strong Spanish- language computer publication, hardware and software marketers have a tough time reaching tech-savvy Spanish-speakers via print.

Marcelino Miyares Jr. sees that as an opportunity and he's developed Internet Mercado (Internet Marketplace) a bilingual consumer magazine with Internet news and buying hints. The fledgling publication will be distributed in December via a direct marketing service in a doorhanger bag called La Bolsita.

With the exception of Editorial Televisa's PC Magazine en Espanol, the only computer titles available are local publications, says Kirk Whisler, president of Latino Print Network.

"It certainly is a field that there is a major need for," says Mr. Whisler.

The market is ripe for a Spanish-language magazine with Internet and computer content, says Jose Gonzalez, director-strategic planning with Vidal, Reynardus & Moya, New York, which handles Hispanic advertising for Prodigy Communications and Gateway Computers. He says both marketers are considering advertising in the new title.


Marketers need a venue to get their messages to Hispanic consumers, Mr. Gonzalez says and notes, "There is a potential to grow relative to the general market, and that's where we need to educate the consumer."

Mr. Whisler says once Spanish-speakers get on the Internet they are richly rewarded. He recalls that he used to receive the print version of a Mexico City daily sometimes a week after publication date.

"Now I can open my computer and go onto the Internet and choose between a number of daily newspapers in Latin America and get that news today. [Latino Print Network] has logged in more than 170 Latin American publications now on the Internet," Mr. Whisler says and adds once people are aware that they can see the papers from their country of origin, the joy it brings is worth the monthly access fees.

Internet Mercado will launch a sister Web site ( on Dec. 19. Already the address offers e-commerce pages for hardware and software sales; once the e'zine is up and running, 15 other product sales categories including automotive, books, music, toys, communications and video games will be offered. Current advertiser commitments for the site include AT&T Corp., General Motors Corp.'s Chevrolet division and GMAC. In addition, some of the print title's advertisers such as Capitol One, Acer Computers, and California Health, an herbal vitamins marketer, will offer links from the site.

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