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Remember the late '90s when marketers printed URLs on every product, package or ad? Get ready for a bit of deja vu as marketers begin to promote MySpace URLs. Some go for the straight up product name, like Aquafina or MotoQ, but many seem to prefer a name with a twist, like these:

* Victoria's Secret's Web space offers downloadable stationery, games, quizzes and an opportunity to get your "Pink Panty Personality Profile."

* Second "Pirates of the Caribbean" movie. See an exclusive trailer and download it to your own MySpace page.

* Dodge Caliber. Check out the episodic adventures of Pig & Bear and their "friend" Caliber, who kills the cute every time.

* Enter "The Omen" short-film contest, get free ringtones and wallpaper and find other cheerful stuff.
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